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Beijing International Race
USVTA & USGT Nationals hold Valkaria, Fl
Team Powers Cup Race at ACO Track (Oct-15)
Team Powers FF cup race at PYC in Hong Kong
AOC race at PYC in Hong Kong at Sept-12-14:
Viper Cup Race at PYC track
Team Powers Cup Race at PYC (Nov-13)

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1:10 MTS T3M Conversion Kit is available!!



1:10 MTS T3M Touring Car is coming soon!!


for more details please see below:

MTS T3M specification


New Type Linear spring(For low traction track) is available now!!

With 1.4mm wire thickness and 3 kinds of hardness targeted for low traction track.

RO-LDS-28: Linear Dynamic Spring - (Black/Grey: T2.8, 4pcs)
RO-LDS-26: Linear Dynamic Spring - (Red/Grey: T2.6, 4pcs)
RO-LDS-24: Linear Dynamic Spring - (Yellow/Grey: T2.4,4pcs)

1:10 MTS MP4 4WD M-Chassis Car is available now !!


1:10 MTS T3 Touring Car is available now!!



Aluminium Telescopic Front Fork Adapter is available now!!

Progressive dynamic spring(Medium Response) is available now!!

With 1.5mm wire thickness and 3 kinds of hardness for tackle different traction track.

Red/Black type: Progressive Tension 2.5~3.0
Orange/Black type: Progressive Tension 2.5~2.8
Yellow/Black type: Progressive Tension 2.5~2.6



T3-01 Graphite Car Body Conversion Kit is coming soon (Limited Edition) is coming soon!!



1:10 MTS T2 Conversion Kit (Limited Edition) is coming soon!!


MTS FFV3 Front Wheel Car is coming soon!!


Linear dynamic spring is available now!!

Can install it on rear shock and work with progressive spring at the front to improve the traction fade out issue.
With 3 kinds of hardness for tackle different traction tracks.

Black type: Tension 3.3
White type: Tension 3.1
Grey type: Tension 2.9


Xray 4WD mini conversion kit (for T4 2015,2016&2017) is ready!!


Active Rear Suspension(ARS) for MTS T2 & FF is ready!!

- dynamic varying the toe-in to make more steering in corner and less toe in in straight with more top speed
- with aluminum rear C-hub that make the car more stable


Aluminium Body Height Adjuster for Front & Rear is ready soon!!

- Can be adjusted up or down in 3.5~4mm range
- With two kind of body post pins to suit for most 1:10 rc car kit installation
- For rear side adjuster can improve the down force to increase rear tire traction
- Light weight with below 1g for each piece




MTS Mini 4WD Conversion Kit is available now!!

Graphite Wing for Mini Car Body is available now!!

- Increase rear car traction, suitable in low or normal traction condition which can allow to use smaller rear toe-in to increase top-end speed running in straight.
- With two option graphite bars included to change the rear car traction.
- Suitable for any M-chassis car body.

1:8 GT Progressive dynamic spring(High Response) is available now!!

Orange type: 1:8 GT Progressive Tension -High Response: 3.2~4.2
Green type: 1:8 GT Progressive Tension -High Response: 3.2~3.8
Purple type: 1:8 GT Progressive Tension -High Response: 3.2~3.4



Progressive dynamic spring(High Response) is available now!!

With 1.4mm line thickness. There are three kind of hardness as shown below.

Green type: Progressive Tension -High Response: 2.5~3.3
Blue type: Progressive Tension -High Response: 2.5~3.1
Purple type: Progressive Tension -High Response : 2.5~2.9


 MTS Mini FF Conversion Kit is ready now!!


Progressive dynamic spring is available now!!

With 1.5mm line thickness and symmetry in upper and lower part. There are three kind of hardness as shown below.

Red type: Progressive Tension 2.6~3.1
Orange type: Progressive Tension 2.6~2.9
Yellow type: Progressive Tension 2.6~2.7



Camber Link Extender is ready now!!



Alu. 7075 Gear Diff Drive is ready now!!

Alu. 7075 46mm CVD Drive Shaft with 2mm pin is ready now!!


MTS FFV2 1/10 Front Wheel Drive Car is ready now!!


MTS Double Joint Drive Shaft  is ready now!!


Steering Floating System Option is ready now!!




Option 1 installation: steering post without mounting to chassis:

Option 2 installation: Steering post mounting to chassis:


- Steering system independent from chassis with more flex steering
- Varying stiffness through the aluminum post
- Suit for different traction conditions setup adjustment

Aluminium Color Screw is ready now!!


Aluminium Color Washer is ready now!!


MTS T'2 Aluminium Chassis is ready now!!

Double Joint Drive Shaft for Xray & Yokomo is ready now!!

MTS T^2(square) 1/10 Electric Touring Car kit is coming soon!!

- Innovative RAS (Reduced Air System) shock absorber
- Innovative Anti-Twist Bar Rolling System
- With newly designed aluminum motor mount that can adjust the motor towards/backwards to the chassis center
- Belt direct drive system
- Front & rear spring steel CVD shaft
- With front solid axle with spring steel outdrive
- Rear gear differential with spring steel outdrive and with harder plastic gear
- Spring steel turnbuckle and come with HD ball cups
- Come with aluminum Floating Servo mount, Steering arm, gear diff mount, fan mount, suspension mount and locking wheel hex
- The 2.2mm main chassis, 2mm upper deck, 3mm front and rear shock tower are made by USA carbon fiber
- With aluminum stands to adjust the chassis stiffness to utilize different traction at different track conditions.

Click here For MTS T2 Features Picture


MTS 1/10 Electric FF Pro Car kit is available now!!



1:10 E/P Race Body 190mm(High Down Force Type)- 0.8mm (is like to GX Speed6 performance)is available now!!


Battery Anti-Slipper Tap for car chassis is available now!!


Gear Differential Putty (Hardness) is available now!!


48pitch & 64pitch Spur gear is available now!!



3m-189(PU) Rear Belt  is available now !!







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